The perfect Safari Suitcase

What should the perfect Safari Suitcase look like?

Are you soon heading off in pursuit of African adventure on safari? Go Touch Down Tours and Travel takes a closer look at the must-have items for every serious safari traveller.

Keep it simple.
Overpacking is one of the biggest issues faced on safaris. Remember you’ll need to use domestic flights and road vehicles, so don’t pack to the limits of international flights. Take as little as possible- you’ll enjoy yourself more without worrying about tons of baggage. Avoid the safari cliche clothing- rather keep clothing light and opt for cotton, preferably in light tones too. There are some colors to avoid: White

[it gets dirty], red [attracts animal attention] and blue/black [if you’re travelling in an area with Tsetse fly].

Styling your safari
Opt for long sleeved shirts and trousers where possible. Not only do evenings get cold, but they’re better to keep insects and injury at bay. A lightweight but waterproof jacket is a great idea, as is layering- weather is often cool at night but hot during the day. Ladies will need a firm support bra to be most comfortable.

Staying sun safe
Sunscreen is a must, and a wide brim hat should be seen as essential too. Sunglasses help reduce sun glare and make spotting animals easier.

Gadget gear
Make sure you have spares of all the essentials for your camera- batteries or charger, memory cards, lens caps. You don’t want to miss out on the photo of a lifetime now, do you? A lightweight flashlight and a book or something to entertain yourself with in quiet moments is a great idea too.

Make sure you carry any medications you may need, like asthma pumps. Also make sure you are compliant with any local vaccine or medication requirement such as antimalarials. If you’re prone to headaches, be sure to pack some pain relievers too.

Some clever packing can help enhance your trip, leaving you cool, comfortable and prepared at all times. And remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask Go Touch Down Tours and Travel for advice!