Phofu Kalahari Lodge

Take to the road with Phofu Kalahari Lodge.

What’s better than conquering the land from a high perch above some of the best man-made machinery around? How about having a gorgeous destination unfold around you on one of the top overland 4×4 trips around?

Boskop camp allows you to bask in the central Kalahari beauty, washing off the dust of the road with a hot shower every night and feeding yourself from the rustic bush kitchen. Pitch your own tent, or make use of Phofu Eco Safari lodge’s luxury pre-pitched tents to add a little glamour to the trip. The man made waterholes in the area attract a host of spectacular game to entertain you, bringing cheetah, hyena, leopard, wild dogs, buck and even the occasional lion. Avid twitchers can entertain themselves spotting vultures, owls, bateleur eagles and secretary birds among many others. With only 18 guests accommodated, it will feel like your own private corner of Africa.

Overland 4×4 [or land rover] tours are one of the best ways to truly get to grips with the rigours of the landscape around you. No air-conditioned tour bus awaits….it’s you, the wheel and your wits, off road and roaming the landscape. Perfect for the adventurer who wants a little solitary time as they drive, or the tough travelling family who want to take their exploration to the next level. Conquer the hills and valleys of the spectacular Southern African landscape as you make your way to Boskop, free to stop and explore as your whims take you- just remember to be safe in the untamed wild too! Be sure to take someone along as ‘gunner’ to capture the scenery and wildlife moments on camera- you don’t want to miss out on those bragging rights when you get back home!

To get your overland 4×4 camping tour booked, get in touch with Phofu Kalahari Lodge today- your African adventure awaits!