Phofu Kalahari lodge

Get off the grid and get to grips: sublime solitude in Africa

In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, as we run from device to device, even our holidays have become infected with technical beeps and battery-related demands. Take a true break to rest and recharge with Phofu Kalahari lodge, and learn the true joys of living off the grid in sublime solitude for a while. There’s only pros for you to enjoy!

Where’s the joy in a holiday experienced only from behind a screen, memories made only when you look at them on your laptop once you get connected again? How can you relax when you’re waiting for the next beep announcing an email from work, school and other concerns you meant to leave behind? Why not experience Africa at her best, and allow the peace and quiet of the bush to soak into your bones and rejuvenate you from the inside out?

Head off the grid at our unique luxury camps, and experience life as our ancestors did- with only the flickering light from a campfire to keep you company as you bask in the light of the stars. Breathe in the clean open air of the bush as you spot the next wildlife wonder waiting at every turn for you to enjoy. Take some time away from the hectic world we live in daily, and truly experience the majesty of Africa’s wildlife as it unfolds in front of you. Let the sun be your alarm, the weather your ‘status update’ and experience the majestic beasts around you in the unique splendor of true calm and quiet. As your body unwinds from the stress of daily life, you’ll find true peace and relaxation seeping into your soul. Head into the bush, and let your animal count for the day be your only worry as ‘real life’ gets put into true perspective.

Spend some time off the grid, and recharge your life as never before. Let us at Phofu Kalahari Lodge craft you the perfect off-the-grid African experience and make memories as never before.