Phofu Kalahari Lodge – a sanctuary in more ways than one

Phofu Kalahari Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary is a 6000ha eco-friendly game reserve situated in the Kgalagadi district near Kang on the southern border of the Central Kalahari Game Park in Botswana. Phofu (meaning Eland in Tswana) has been many things to many people, but a theme that comes up in conversation often is SOUL – a sanctuary for the soul, we’re tempted to say. 

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve enjoys the status as the second largest nature reserve in the world, sadly also probably the least visited area in Botswana. This area houses the largest concentration of predators in Africa. It is not fenced, which fascilitates continuous and magnifently wonderous free migration. A further feather in the cap of already magnificent Phofu Kalahari Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary is its relative close proximity to areas housing the glorious black mained lions of the Kalahari. With the intensely scarce vegetation of these plains, the sight of this super preditor is something to behold. This truly is the most remote destination you have read of, seen on TV or had the good fortune to visit, and you’ll still not grasp the full magnitude of this vast wilderness. Travlling here requires a keen sense of adventure and spirit by the bucket-load. The best way to convey the essence of this place and the people who dare to visit it would be, “you have to posess a strong desire to be somewhere that other people are not.”

A recent visitor (and now part of the Phofu circle of friends) Kylie May, sums the Phofu Kalahari Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary experience up perfectly: “A beautifully designed lodge, hiding away in the middle of nowhere….or so it feels! Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this place is the ideal getaway when you want to break away from everyone and everything. The friendliest management couple welcome you on arrival and cater to your every need. Definitely worth it to visit this piece of paradise!”

The culmination of the near-impossible dream of South African, Dr. Nico van Aardt, Phofu Kalahari Lodge stands today as proud beacon of what is possible with determination, self-belief, sound planning, luck and a good measure of Dutch courage – courtecy of dark rum… Building materials were transported 600km and delivered on a tar road 39km from the lodge. Tractors were then employed to transport these materials to their intended destination. Van Aardt’s piece of kalahari nirvana was purchased from an indigeounous Chief Seipone of Kang. It is uniquely situated in the Central Kalahari, amongst open plains and breathtaking Kgalagadi landscapes. A labour of love like no other, this lodge broke records as soons as DAY ONE – from sinking 360m boreholes to errecting a state-of-the-art desalination plant, the likes of which Botswana has never seen.

This unique Lodge offers two executive en-suite rooms, seven luxury en-suite tents as well as camping facilities. The Boskamp camp site provides basic camping facilities ideal for tourists en route to and from the Okavango and Central Kalahari Game Park. Unique to this lodge is our Sunken Hide with sleepover facilities. The hide is lit up at night, thus making this a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience. The Kalahari at its very best! Animals come in to drink during the evening and many predator kills have been recorded at the waterhole.

If you feel that your life is run by technology and you want to relax and switch off, then this is the place to visit! Get off the grid and get in touch with the Kalahari – you won’t be sorry that you did!