Plan your Trip!

Plan your Trip!

If you feel like breaking from tradition and just getting away, why not go on a road trip and see the sights with your family over a weekend. There is nothing in this world more sacred than quality time spent with your loved ones, and if you pack in a few essentials and a camera or two, those memories will last a lifetime.

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Here are a few basic trip tips for you to use when you plan your trip!

Hire a car

We recommend that you hire a vehicle rather than drive your own. Anything can happen on your road trip, be it a friendly fender bender, or those annoying little stones that jump up from the tar and hit your windscreen, to a flat tyre on the side of the road, would you really want that to happen to your family car that you need to use every day to get everyone to work and school?

Hertz Rent A Car

Is your family car one that you will be handing down for generations, or is it one that you will sell in a few years when it is out of warranty? The last thing that you want to do is try and sell a slightly worn down vehicle with high mileage, so best option for you and your loved ones would be – hire a reliable rental vehicle from a reputable car hire company.

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Hertz Rent A Car is a renowned worldwide car hire company that will get you from A – Z. Hertz has 42 branches strategically located at major hubs throughout South Africa and Namibia, which means that wherever your journey starts… it needn’t end at that same point.

Their easy to use online car hire booking system will have you sorted in no time, and you will find that they have a range of vehicles in all classes, ensuring that your trip is a pleasurable one, with all your space needs met.

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Pack healthy snacks

Little bags which may including cereal, dried fruit, nuts and chocolate candies will save you a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t be stopping that often to search for food for the family.

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Stick to bottled water

Stick to water for everyone, because apart from it being healthy, you can refill bottles at rest stops and spills won’t stain the car.


Home is where…..

Packing blankets, pillows or favorite toys will help make the backseat comfy for the little ones.

Employ “tour guides”

Let your children in on the planning of your road trip. Have them help research hotels and attractions along the way. When they are included in the planning, they will be more excited about the travelling.

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Remember when going on a lengthy trip to stop often. Never drive while tired, especially with all the precious “baggage” in the vehicle.  You’ll have a happier, healthier car ride if you stop regularly to let everyone move around, and if the family dogs come with, let them stretch their legs a bit too.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

Embrace your inner tourist – your kids will love it.