See Africa’s hidden diversity with Go Touch Down

Fantastic Flora and Fauna: The hidden side of Africa’s diversity

When you hear ‘Africa’ do you picture only dry savanna and the Big 5? This remarkable land offers a staggering diversity of life for you to explore, extending far beyond the bush to spring flowers, tropical luxury and even our uniquely precious fynbos. Let Go Touch Down Travel and Tours guide you through the hidden flora and fauna of the unique South African landscape today!
Bright colours and bold landscapes.
You haven’t seen beauty until you experience the remarkable transition of bone-dry, parched land to blooming wildfires bursting in color wherever you look- seemingly overnight! The flowers of Cederburg, Namaqualand and the Northern Cape are world famous for their unique vibrance. Rolling valleys, high mountains, wet marsh and semi-desert, it all transforms in a unique floral display to capture any heart, each kilometer unique from those surrounding it. Explore the beauty of blooms found nowhere else in the world in a spring that’s truly like no other.

Remember the only time to catch this unique floral display is early spring, which arrives in the area earlier than in other parts of Southern Africa. It’s one of the shortest tourist seasons on the continent, dependant on the pattern of the winter rains before it. Aim for early August to be sure you don’t miss out, and watch this unique floral display progress southwards in a tide of color and scent. And be sure to explore the rock art, tea farms and trail-walks the area has to offer

[and buy some unique curios to take home, too], as well as snap a few shots of the unique small wildlife that populates the area.
Don’t forget the fynbos.
Confined to a narrow coastal belt no wider than 200km, this unique Cape landscape is so precious and unusual it’s made Kirstenbosch the only botanical garden that also qualifies as a World Heritage Site. Flourishing in poor soil with unpredictable rainfall, fynbos is one of the tiniest and most individual floral kingdoms you’ll ever experience. 3% of the world’s unique flora live in this tiny area of land, offering a diversity of species that can only be seen to be comprehended. Some plants are so specialised they occur nowhere but within a few small hectares of land! Walk in wonder among a landscape you can experience nowhere else and say hello to the unique animal kingdom that call this remarkable landscape their home. It’s Africa as you’ve never experienced her before.

Explore the hidden side of South Africa’s unique landscape, and add these can’t-miss floral spectaculars to your tour itinerary.