Solo travel in Southern Africa in 2018 – what does it really mean?

Solo travel has long been seen as a totally different experience from that of the average tourist. Gone are the comforting tour groups and friends to fall back on – it’s a landscape of meals spent in your own company, experiences captured by the camera and learning the true nature of the world and yourself. Go Touch Down Travel and Tours brings you the lowdown on Southern African Travel for the daring solo adventurer in 2018, so you are prepared for everything you’ll meet along the way.

Is Cape Town in a water crisis?

Cape Town has managed to avert the notorious ‘Day Zero’ where the city’s taps would run dry, but that doesn’t mean the crises is over. The savvy solo traveller already knows that we should tread lightly on the planet, however, so we’re sure the continuing urges to conserve water won’t put a cramp on your personal flair.

How safe am I travelling alone?

South Africa is a different landscape from that found in Europe, Australia and even the Americas, so it’s always wise to take personal precautions. However, don’t let media scare stories stop you from exploring this rich and diverse land for yourself – with a little common sense you’ll find much to enjoy, even travelling solo. You can find out more here.

What should I know about the people?

We’re a friendly nation and a melting pot of cultures, so you’ll find folks of every colour, creed and religion here. We’re united by a love of good food and great sports – so feel free to join in the fun.

African Time is still a thing

Despite the many advances made countrywide, we still tend to be a culture where timing isn’t terribly important. Don’t be upset if your transport or tour is running a little late – rather take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty around you.

Solo travel in this beautiful land is a fantastic way to experience your own intimate connections with the land around us. Let Go Touch Down Travel and Tours help you shape the perfect travel experience today.