South Africa: a safe tourism environment

There’s a key question that passes every traveller’s checklist when they’re planning their next trip, no matter the destination: is it safe? While travel is, of course, all about the experience, it’s critical that that experience is pleasant and enriching, so this is a more than natural question to ask. Today, Go Touch Down Travel and Tours answers your questions about South Africa’s safety as a tourism destination.

The press says…

We’re going to stop you right there. There’s nothing the press- be it local or international- loves more than a scandalous, fear-mongering story, so you’ve probably seen your share of scare stories about almost any destination outside of the US and a few, select European countries.

South Africa is a vibrant, dynamic and exciting country, but does have socio-economic difficulties that have led to a higher crime rate than some cities. While very unfortunate, it’s part of the country’s growth struggles away from an environment of extreme inequality to one where everyone can thrive, and it has been hampered along the way by the greed and corruption of a few bad eggs. Here you’ll find everything from the dazzling heights of luxury to the clanging poverty of a shanty town, and it’s natural that this environment can breed more crime issues then found in a secure 1st world country.

Travelling safely in SA

However, Southern Africa is one of the safest African travel destinations, with South Africa remaining one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. While it’s sensible to take a few more precautions as a traveller then you would in your own city, this makes sense no matter where you go.  You wouldn’t walk around unknown, unfamiliar back alleys of the inner city of your hometown wearing a ton of lavish jewellery and leaving your car door unlocked, so it’s not unreasonable to be advised not to do it anywhere else, either. Be friendly, sensible and non-ostentatious, and you will find your trip a fabulous one. You are more likely to be frustrated with the local transport system, as there are very little public transport options and you will mostly travel with private options- although your tour coordinated will help you here.

Much of the money in South Africa is made from the tourism industry sparked by the unique and diverse beauty areas and the country’s spectacular wealth of wildlife, so most of the faces you will encounter on your trip will be happy to see you. If you’re in the cities while transiting, other than tourist-centric Cape Town, however, do remember that many passers-bys will be busy with their own life and business.

South Africa is a friendly, open and vibrant tourist destination with 1st world medical care, a dedicated tourist industry to help you, and some of the most spectacular sights in the world. While the country does have some crime issues as a result of its turbulent past, it’s a generally safe, welcoming travel environment for you and the family, and one of the best places to visit in Africa for work and play both. Working with an experienced tour provider like Go Touch Down Travel and Tours will help ensure utmost security for you and your loved ones on your trip, so get in touch today.