Southern Africa Destinations

Unmissable Africa: 5 must-visit Southern African destinations that will make you want to pack your bags right now.

When it comes to Southern Africa, we tend to think of the Kruger Park and safari experience as the be-all-and-end-all of the experiences available. Change your perspective on this unique corner of the world with these not-to-be-missed destinations, and make memories that will last a lifetime in the process with Acacia Africa.

Tour the Cape Flats Townships

What better way to get a true sense of Africa then to meet her people up close and personal? Experience everything, from the informal townships to worker hostels, and be rejuvenated by the vibrancy of traditional music and dance. Learn to greet the residents in their own language, and learn more about South Africa and her fascinating people, their culture, history and art. Try contrasting it with the sprawling tourist capital, Cape Town, and her many luxuries and come away refreshed with open eyes.

The ruins of Great Zimbabwe

Rumoured to have once been the capital of the famed Queen of Sheba, the remains of the Great Zimbabwe civilization stand as a monument to the Bantu people who built there. Thriving between the 11th and 15th centuries, this unique trading centre was renowned through history, and one of the largest remains of African civilizations discovered. Take a trip to the past and bask in the unique feel of this stunning archaeological site. Add nearby Hwange National Park to the itinerary, and make a truly unique safari experience.

The Cango Caves

See Southern Africa from a different perspective- below. Inspiring awe and legend since pre-history, you’ll encounter cave paintings in the true glory and be dazzled by nature’s most enduring monuments. Dizzying stalactites and stalagmites will confront you at every corner, and you’ll have a chance to test your own strength in a dazzling limestone cave system sure to inspire and refresh you.

Knysna and the Garden Route

Experience the true beauty of nature on a tour of Knysna and the Garden Route. Featuring some of the most beautiful and rich landscapes in Southern Africa, you’ll meet elephants in their unique habitat as well as a plethora of other African Animals- including a chance to spot whales at play in Hermanus bay. This unique coastal corridor is like no other in the world, and it’s lush beauty offers a perfect opportunity to restore and revive yourself.

Chobe and Moremi National Parks

The aching beauty of dry Botswana plays host to some of Africa’s most iconic animals. Meet lion, antelope, the endangered wild dog and more on your trip through these fantastic wildlife reserves. Experience the open landscapes and crystal-clear stars of a Botswanan night, and feel your worries float away and your mind expand to match the harsh beauty of the land around you.

Each of these unique destinations offer a wealth of adventure and experience just waiting to be discovered- why not book with Acacia Africa today and ensure your place on a voyage of discovery?