Soweto Tours and street art

The vibrant street art of Soweto, and South Africa’s other charms.

You know you’re a born artist when you look at the world and see only a canvas for what lies inside you. Where graffiti was once a taboo, frowned on medium of rebel expression, we’re beginning to properly appreciate the drive, determination and sheer creativity that goes into taking the worst the modern world has to offer- dingy walls, unsightly factories and the grungy byproducts of industrialization- and turning it into a thing of beauty and hope.

No where is the glory and grit of street art more inspiring then on the roads of Soweto. Once a symbol of forced segregation, this unique township has become a thriving tourist destination and the cultural heart of Johannesburg. Previously known only for business and finances, the ‘city of gold’ now offers so much more to the traveller looking to experience everything our world offers. While many only picture the ‘big 5’ and open savannah when they hear ‘Africa’, the reality is this distinctive corner of the world offers so much more to the traveller. Why not come and explore the budding artists who’ve helped color the world with their unique experiences and artistic flair in a guided walk through the exceptional street art of Soweto?

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