Spring has sprung in the Lowveld, and Saragossa is waking up

While the lowveld biome around Saragossa Game Reserve offers visitors something beautiful no matter the season there can be no doubt that spring is one of our favourite seasons on the farm. Not only does it mark the turn towards warmer weather and the promise of new life, but it also sees the natural world spring back to glorious abundance from the harshness of winter.

Bask in the natural beauty

Spring seems to rejuvenate the lowveld almost overnight, leaving vegetation bolder and brighter, tender flower buds erupting into a riot of colour, and temperatures settling into a sweet spot of clement, cool and enjoyable weather that makes travel at this time of year ideal. The first early rains clear the air and leaves of dust and dryness, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s a time when you’ll feel longing in your heart and a zing in your step. We know we do.

Nature wakes up

Out on the farm, serious planting begins, getting summer and some early autumn crops on their first steps to growth. Humans aren’t the only souls to get busy now spring is here, however. Visitors will begin to see all the tiny hibernating creatures of the lowveld put in their first, sleepy appearances- think little frogs beginning to call in the dams and waterfalls, scorpions resuming their patrol of the hills, and other cold-blooded animals like our indigenous snake populace coming out to bask in the warmth of the sun. Tiny members of the rodent and related families, like the honey badger and bush baby, begin to venture tentatively back into the world too. While they don’t hibernate, you’ll see considerably less of these little critters in winter as they conserve precious food and energy resources, so it’s always a joy to spot them on the prowl again.

Larger animals such as buck and even the predators who prey on them begin flocking towards the rejuvenated watering holes as the first spring rains hit, too. Combined with the pleasantness of the weather- you’ll need a light jacket in the mornings but will likely be shedding it for sundresses and tank tops later in the day- the natural urge of the animals to begin refeeding and recuperating from the harshness of winter makes game drives particularly rewarding at this time of year.

Will you be at Saragossa Game Reserve as the world wakes up this spring? We’re looking forward to welcoming you here for your trip.