Step in the footprints of a Zulu King

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Step in the footprints of a Zulu King

Few kings of any culture have matched the rise and accomplishment of Shaka Zulu, the founder of the modern Zulu kingdom in South Africa.
For his relatively short life of roughly 41 years, Shaka Zulu united many of the Nguni people of the north and incorporated the Mtetwa Paramountcy and the Ndwandwe into his kingdom. His holdings expanded from the Phongolo to the Mzimkhulu Rivers and his overall vision and statesmanship led him to become one of the most respected kings during the early part of the 19th century.

Shaka played a pivital role in South Africa history.

When Shaka Zulu became king of the Zulus in 1816, he created a highly efficient fighting force and through brilliant military strategy and leadership, he forged a great nation.



Today the Zulu people are the largest of South Africa’s ethnic groups and a visit to Shakaland will give you an in-depth look into their culture.

The Zulu’s have a rich cultural background with ingrained traditions as relevant today as they were hundred’s of years ago!

Shakaland Tours

The cultural village of Shakaland was built as a film set for the blockbuster serial “Shaka Zulu” and has since been used as a cultural village to give visitors an insight into one of the most endearing people of Southern Africa.

Shakaland Cultural Tour Highlights
• Get an in depth look into the Zulu’s cultural heritage with an authentic Zulu village.
• Enjoy the grace and frenetic energy of the Zulu dancers and singers.
• Enjoy some time watching skilled atisans create assagay’s (spears), shields, potwork and Zulu hut building.
• Get introduced to Zulu beer making techniques and enjoy a beer tasting.
• Visit with a Sangoma (Zulu shaman/witch-doctor and healer) and gain an insight into the Zulu spiritual world!

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