The best Zulu experience on the African continent

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The best Zulu experience on the African continent

South Africa has a plethora of African cultures, but the Zulu culture has to be one of the most significant in terms of a rich history, heritage and modern identity.
Shakaland is an amazing attraction in the scenic province of KwaZulu-Natal, found along the brilliant east coast of South Africa. Here they pay homage to the proud Zulu nation’s history, exploring their contribution to modern society, and allowing visitors from all four corners of the earth to experience a taste of this colourful culture.

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Shakaland is known as being one of the best Zulu experiences on the African continent, thanks to its authenticity and the sheer element of vibrant fun that infuses every part of it. Technically, a replica of a traditional Zulu homestead, but, in reality, it is so much more.
Visitors to Shakaland are invited to attend as well as participate in a traditional ceremony, learn about the customs of these fascinating folk, consult with a natural herbalist known as an inyanga or a witch doctor – sangoma, and sample some of the homemade beer that is characterised by its density and one-of-a-kind flavour.

The arts and crafts on display are nothing short of impressive in their diversity and colourful loveliness. Significantly, the Zulus, like so many other African groups, use the art of beadwork as an important medium to represent one’s status or to convey messages to others. These items are for sale, and will make for stunning gifts for those back home, or keepsakes of your time in Shakaland.

Shakaland Crafts
In addition to the standard cultural tour (which is an overnight adventure), there is the Nandi Experience, which is a three-hour excursion that is fun and exciting. This includes visiting King Shaka’s kraal, overlooking the gorgeous Phobane Lake, and an audiovisual portrayal of the life of this king. Then, you will move on to visit the local folk weaving baskets, making beer and crafting ceramics. Round this experience off by enjoying traditional beer with the chief and his wives.