The insider’s secrets to making the most of your Southern African tour

No one is better positioned to help you make the very best of your Southern African experience than Go Touch Down Travel and Tours, so here are 6 secret tricks to make the most of the journey.

1.    Be sure to use a cell phone [mobile]

Most of South Africa is mobile, and even those with no fixed line services can stay in touch by phone. Not only is it a great and convenient way to stay in contact throughout your trip, it doubles as a map service that will work almost anywhere, and contributes to your personal safety. Go Touch Down Travel and Tours provides each traveller a personal local cell phone upon arrival.

2. Use the ATM for your cash

Surprisingly, you’ll pay less in conversion fees by withdrawing from a local ATM using your card than you will going through a bank or the hotel. It’s also a safe and convenient way to not carry around too much cash but always have access. We do suggest that you change money at your hotel if it’s late at night, however.

3. Don’t forget the snacks if you’re headed out on a road trip

South Africa is, after all, Africa – and it gets pretty hot in summer. Even our winters are pretty clement, so make sure you take along an extra bottle of water to stay hydrated. Snacks are always good too, especially if you’re off for a game drive.

4. Snag the best seat in the house

Talking about game drives, try to snag the middle seat. You’ll still have the perfect perch to spot the animals, but can easily ask questions of the ranger too.

5. Feel free to drink the water

Unlike some countries, South Africa’s tap water is perfectly safe to drink, so help yourself. Please be aware of your water usage in this dry land.

6. Race doesn’t matter as much as the media says

Especially if your information comes from the international media. Most of our nation is a friendly melting pot that enjoys each other’s company. Rather take people at face value and have fun meeting the diverse people who will make up your trip.

There you have it! With these 6 tips under your belt, your trip with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours will be just perfect – so why not get it booked today.