The must-see sights of Stellenbosch

If you’re after the Cape’s most picturesque sights, then Stellenbosch simply has to be on the agenda. The second oldest town in South Africa, this charming ‘city of oaks’ is surrounded by gorgeous mountainside and some of the most beautiful cape landscape you’ll see. It’s one of Go Touch Down Travel and Tour’s favourite destinations, in fact, and you’re sure to see why. Your only difficulty will be deciding what to see in Stellenbosch first!

Best known as an iconic part of the Cape Wine routes, Stellenbosch also boasts some remarkable examples of Cape Dutch Architecture, and even Victorian and Georgian examples too. Simply walking the town is a delight to the heart and the eyes, and you can easily take yourself on a historical tour of some of the town’s most notable buildings. You’ll find modern coffee shops and cosmopolitan restaurants nestling alongside secluded lanes and panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards. Spier offer magnificent wine tastings along with tours of the estate and the opportunity for a riverside picnic, so be sure to indulge a little.

The oldest wine route in South Africa is linked to Stellenbosch, as is South Africa’s oldest music school. The town is a haven of arts and culture, and it’s an excellent spot to explore the nuances of South African art and even some of her best museums. Indulge in an open-air masterpiece at her unique outdoor amphitheater, and be sure to explore the local botanical gardens too. If getting out in the fresh air is more your thing, the town is also surrounded by spectacular mountain hiking trails that will take you through everything from coastal renosterveld to olive groves and vineyards. Make it something special with a full moon hiking trail. Spier estate also hosts a raptor conservatory, allowing you to get up close and personal with the eagles of the area, or head out to Vredenheim to spot wild cats in a private conservation area. Game drives and even the chance to hit the trails on horseback all abound.

It isn’t all about what to see in Stellenbosch, either. The town is a culinary delight, so be sure to come hungry! From sipping champagne and eating fresh-caught oysters, to sampling specialist cured meat and fresh-baked goodies, there’s enough to satisfy any palate here. Craft beer industries are thriving, and you can even undertake a little farm-to-table goodness and head out into the berry fields to pick your own. Pop-up food and wine festivals abound, so there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy, and the unique farmers markets allow you to take some back with you, too.

Stellenbosch is soaked in history, a hotbed of the arts, and one of the food and wine capitals of South Africa. Alongside breathtaking scenery and some of the best wildlife around, it’s the perfect spot to stop and explore- so why not chat with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours today, and add Stellenbosch to your itinerary?