The new millennium of travel: how millennials see the travelling world

How are the millennials spending their vacation days? As the last of this pivotal generation reach adulthood and independence, it’s not a bad question to be asking. Whether you’re a keen millennial yourself, or just wanting some insight into what ‘travel’ really means in the modern world, Acacia Africa, as always, has all the answers you need.

Certainly, the love of travel hasn’t abated. America in particular has always loved the idea of travel, from exploring local sights to venturing on elaborate trips abroad. That love has changed a little, however, from a ‘me orientated’ focus on luxury to a more holistic view of the traveller as part of the world’s ecosystem. .

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One thing that’s become apparent is that the idea of travel as a way to improve your health/ escape from it all is no longer as strong with millennials as with previous generations. Sure, they do still see some restorative value in getting away from it all, but they’re looking for something a little more than ‘just’ relaxation. That’s probably why we’re also seeing a significant upswing in international adventures. Home-based tourism is in no danger, of course, but is mostly relegated to the realm of ‘mini break’- a fun weekend, not a vacation trip. Heading abroad is where it is at, with all the rich experiences seeing a new landscape and culture can bring.


Workplace culture has changed a lot in recent generations too, with a focus on creating a better life rather than servicing corporate overlords coming to the fore. We see this impact the travel industry in a very good way- millennials use their vacation days. All of them. The time of staying chained to a desk and missing out on life’s rich experiences has passed. Lazy? Not quite. Trends also suggest they will be taking their work along with them on these trips, which puts a little different a spin on it. Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, but the blurring of the line between work and play is strong in this generation and travel providers who can accommodate the needs of the always-on generation flourish.


Perhaps this explains why we’ve seen a drop in adventure travel in recent years- it’s kind of hard to check in at the office while hanging upside-down from a bungee rope, after all. Adventure remains firmly in the average millennial’s sights, but seems to have been relegated to the bucket list rather than any immediate plans. This may not be a bad thing, especially in beautiful scenic Africa, as it creates the perfect space to enjoy the rich diversity this exceptional continent offers without pressure to simply ‘tick the boxes’ on certain experiences, which leaves the millennial traveller open to a richer, more diverse and personalised travel experience.

Experience does seem to lie at the heart of modern travel. It’s not enough to go, see and take a picture any more. The modern traveller sees value in exploration, enjoying and learning the unique landscape around them while supporting the people and cultures who create it. The experiences they take home are sustainable, singular, intimate and irreplaceable. And that’s probably the best news of all!

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