The real meaning of adventure

What is adventure? It’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot, but hardly ever explained. Is it a life lived on the edge? A feeling? ‘Just a phase’ in some parent’s eye? Acacia Africa takes a good look at what it really means to be an adventurer.

An adventurous life doesn’t have to be one spent risking your life up deadly mountains or plummeting from the edge of cliffs. It’s a little more subtle than that [though if abseiling and mountaineering is your thing, please don’t let us stop you!] The real adventure is a life well lived, a life where you were willing to risk leaving a piece of you behind on your travels. It’s about waking up every morning wanting to tackle the world- touch it, taste it and enjoy it.

An adventure may be heading out on a gap year of travel, living hostel to hostel and making friends across the world or donating your time to a cause you love. It could be opting for solo travel and seeing the world without the shields of a massive tour party and sanitised itinerary surrounding you. It could even be snapping a selfie just before you plummet off the world’s tallest bungee jump!

That’s because adventure isn’t some gimmick sold to you on a website. It’s the act of living authentically, and being unafraid to spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts. It’s about having the guts to make friends and flash a smile even though you barely speak the same language. It’s about meeting your fears head on- and winning! It’s about experiencing everything your unique life has to offer, without hiding away from it.

Adventure is about abandoning your comfort zone and grabbing experiences with both hands, having your eyes opened to the beauty of the world around you and leaving your mark on that same world. The destination doesn’t have to be exotic- it just has to be authentic.

Adventure is about you, and how willing you are to challenge yourself. Are you ready to take the plunge, and let Acacia Africa help you to the adventure of a lifetime?