The Ultimate African Experience: Meet Her Beasts At The Kruger Park

You can’t say ‘Africa’ without mentioning the iconic Kruger Park in your next breath. The epitome of Southern African Safari experience, the Kruger offers the big 5 and so much more for the keen explorer.

This is one of the largest reserves in Africa, straddling two provinces and with a history spanning over 100 years. Although the protectorate was established earlier, it officially became a park in the 1920’s, South Africa’s first official national park. It’s one of few parks that can offer the famous ‘big 5’ -lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino- in the same area, and combined with superb management, welcoming staff and easy accessibility, it remains a firm favourite with local and international visitors alike.

Due in part to this popularity, the area offers a host of fantastic private reserves, accommodation and camps to fit any budget. If the unique safari experience alone isn’t enough, the area boasts a wide range of spectacular experiences- hot air ballooning, helicopter passes, walking and vehicular guided tours, cultural activities and adventure activities aplenty. There’s even a world-class golf course right in the area at Leopard creek.

But, of course, the animals and the safari experience are the main draw for the area. Unlike many parks, the Kruger doesn’t have ‘peak’ months, instead offering spectacular wildlife experiences throughout the year. Visit in the spring and summer if you want to catch sight of babies at play and the best of the birdlife, or opt for winter to see the herds and prides gathers on mass near the water sources. While winter travel will need a light jacket for mornings and evenings, don’t expect the full cold of a European winter. Summer travellers would do well to invest in sunblock and hats as part of the experience.

Experience the ultimate in authentic safari thrills with a visit to the Kruger- Go Touch Down Tours and Travel can help you hand-craft the perfect journey to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.