Time for Thyme at Thaba Khaya, Game Lodge in Brits

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Time for Thyme at Thaba Khaya, Game Lodge in Brits

Time for Thyme ……and all the herbs.

There’s nothing better to lift or round off a dish than the inclusion of fresh herbs. Many are daunted by the use and there’s probably nothing easier than grabbing a bottle of dried herbs but doing that little extra by using a bunch of fresh herbs can be very rewarding. It’s a little extra work but at the end of the day when the comments are in you can be even more proud of your culinary accomplishment.

Don’t be daunted by which herbs to use. Take time to read recipes and get an idea of pairings. Buy or even better start growing some fresh herbs for your own use. Wash them gently and pat them dry. Just take one leaf, no matter the size and roll it between your fingers to release the oils, smell it, and taste it. Is it subtle or does it have a strong powerful scent and flavour? Now think of pairing it with a food source, a “gentle” herb would usually be better complimenting another food source of subtle nature too. Thyme with mushrooms. Tarragon and chicken. Little adds more pizzazz to a potato salad than a hand full of fresh chopped parsley and a spoon of lemon zest before serving. Provided you haven’t gone “that condensed milk route” that way too many of my aunts and “tannies”do! NOTHING will ever help that salad then. No matter what you do!

So for something a little different, next time you make that Orange syrup cake or orange cupcakes I dare you to add two teaspoons of chopped fresh Thyme leaves to the batter or syrup or even your buttercream. You are going to love the delicate flavour that it imparts and marries so well with the orange that once the tea cups are done you’ll be back in the kitchen looking for another herb to pair with what have you!  Be surprised if you aren’t inspired.

Written by Rogere Mazzolini, Head Chef at Thaba Khaya Lodge, Brits 

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