Tour Namibia in style in a reliable rental vehicle

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Tour Namibia in style in a reliable rental vehicle

Are you sitting behind a desk, in dare I say it – a cubicle, dreaming of better days and adventurous road trips while the phones ringing, the coffee is cold and all you hear is the constant tapping of the keyboard keys? It is definitely time to plan your holiday, and sneakily enough, you can do it right at your computer! What are you waiting for?in need of car hire

First things first, you are going to need wheels… trust me, old faithful at home, with the foreign spluttering noises and the Rorschach oil spots on the garage floor, is not the ideal mode of transportation if you are heading to Namibia.

reliable car hireWhat are you going to do, with a limited budget? Well that’s easy, just type in … and you have just completed the first step in reliable and affordable car hire – ONLINE! How simple and easy to use is that website? Now go and find your rental car! You will see that Hertz Car Hire has a range of vehicles, of different classes, to suit your pocket and individual drive style. Choose your rental vehicle, and get ready for your next adventure. I told you it will be easy.


Now you are probably wondering why we picked Namibia as a destination…. Well, why not? Namibia is a road tripper’s paradise! Even though the distances between Namibia’s highlights and attractions are considerable, is this not what adventure is all about?

Namibia is a huge country. If focusing on the major highlights of this unique destination, however, one can travel and explore Travel through NamibiaNamibia in a relatively short time. One must accept having to spend many hours in the car, because the distances between Namibia’s highlights and attractions are considerable.
There is hardly any traffic on the roads, so stops and embarrassing photo opportunities are abundant!

The landscapes to be viewed out of the windows of your comfortable, air-conditioned rental car from Hertz are stunning wherever you go! Experience the endless deserts, vast plains, bush land or savannah backed by rugged mountain ranges. The clear, intense colours and the deep blue of the sky have a relaxing and revitalising effect on the mind and the senses, and we all know that after being stuck in a cubicle, this is paradise!

Don’t worry, Namibia is not all landscapes and wide open spaces. You are in one of the best game countries in Africa. The country is home to more than 300 mammal species, more than 500 bird and more than 100 reptile species as well as for innumerable insect species. (And you thought you were alone?) Explore nature, watch the antics of the mischievous baboons, cool down watching the hippo’s at sunset, listen to the call of the lions at night. What more could you ask for on a road tripping adventure? Before we forget, where are you going to stay?destination Namibia

Namibia offers accommodation in any price range, from backpackers, small B&B’s, comfortable middle class hotels and holiday apartments to luxurious game lodges of the highest standard! No matter what your budget allows, this is one destination that has it all! The tap water in Namibia is clean, good and drinkable, unless otherwise stated by the accommodation venue. One thing to keep in mind though, when driving to remote areas, you should always take lots of bottled water along. If you are a little forgetful, mineral water and ice for cooling your beverages are available at most petrol stations and in shops.

When your road trip adventure has come to an end, just drop off your Hertz rental car at any one of their conveniently located branches found all around South Africa. Simple and easy!



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