Travel by Instagram with Acacia Africa!

At Acacia Africa, nothing matters to us more than the fun and excitement our travels bring our clients. With that goal in mind, we’ve narrowed down the definitive list of top places in Africa to travel- as voted by satisfied adventurers worldwide-and now we’re here to share these insider secrets with you!

Knowing where to travel in Africa sometimes seems a daunting task. News media, looking for the latest scare story, loves to convince us that danger awaits in every corner. In reality, there’s a wealth of tourist-friendly, welcoming destinations just calling out for you to explore them. Travel in Southern and Eastern Africa- Acacia Africa’s favourite destinations- is the perfect way to experience a blend of cultures and lifestyles, widen your world view, and make some great friends on the journey. The memories you make will never fade.

Think of lush forest and crashing waterfalls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, beautiful sun-kissed days lounging on beaches in Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, and sampling delectable dishes of fresh caught fish perfectly matched to your sundowners under a clear blue sky. And of course, the very ultimate in wildlife experiences awaits you on this beautiful continent. Watch herds sweep across the Maasai Mara, explore the famed plains of the Serengeti, or meet the elephants of Chobe National Park up close and personal. Enter the gates of the iconic Kruger Park, Okavango and Addo and leave with a changed view of the world around you as well as incomparable snaps of the Big 5 themselves to showcase on Instagram. Invest in some critical ‘me’ time and unwind under the clear stars each night in some of the best remote locations – whether in the midst of the dunes in Namibia, nestled in the wilds of the Okavango Delta, or wrapped up in camp listening to the night roaring of the lions in the Serengeti.

Keep following Acacia Africa to learn even more about these tempting destinations as we focus on the top places in Africa for your next adventure… With Kenya and the exquisite Maasai Mara coming up next. Or book your own adventure with Acacia Africa today, and come experience Africa for yourself!