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All Eyes On You: Tips For Making Your Holiday Look Even More Fantastic Online.

You’ve put a lot of extra hours in to earn this holiday, and you’re beyond excited. And Steve from accounting has been particularly obnoxious about sharing his holiday snaps. It’s time for it to be your turn for once! All the same, you don’t want to come off a braggart

[or worse, as annoying as Steve]. How do you show off your holiday experiences without coming across irritating and heavy handed? Even more important, how do you make sure you invoke just the right amount of travel envy? Here’s Acacia Africa’s top tips to help you showcase your holiday to it’s very best.

It starts with the snaps

Humans are very visual creatures. There’s nothing that will incite just the right amount of jealousy in your friends and loved ones as a beautiful photo. But it’s time to get creative. Everyone’s already seen a ton of the same selfies- crossed feet on the beach, blurry drunk photos and endless food snaps. Be different. Try to capture the true beauty of your holiday without falling for the same-old, same-old, and you’re bound to get a ton of likes and shares! Remember to share your favourite snaps with Acacia Africa Live, too. Aim for quality over quantity- only that bitter ex is likely to sift through an album of 200 pics, whereas a few stunners will catch the eye immediately. Aim for a few powerful, stylish shots that are sure to wow all comers.

Be diligent with check-ins

Many of the places you visit will be known landmarks and destinations. Immortalise your experience- and make the office jealous- with some well timed check ins designed to peak interest among those back home. If you really want to add to the mystery, don’t respond immediately- after all, you’re so busy having adventures on your holiday, you won’t have the time. Take it a step further, and add the trip to your ‘Life Events’. Pick a stunning photo, add a witty description and your badge of honor will stand for years to come.

Be sure to move-it, move-it

Video is on the rise. You’ve seen it everywhere, from witty adverts to Facebook’s own memorial videos. Moving pictures capture the eye and the imagination. Especially on safari, even a few seconds can help those back home experience the adventure alongside you [and be suitably envious too]. Consider live streaming snippets if your data plan is up to it.

Think a little out the box, and you can make your holiday memories as appealing to those left at home as they are to you on your adventure. Not only will you have all the fun of making everyone else a little jealous, but you’ll be making yourself a fantastic memorial to remember the experience by too.