Traveling Solo after 55

Traveling Solo after 55: Tips, tricks and unmissable chances.

Age is just a number- and nowhere is that more obvious than when it comes to travel. Solo travellers over sixty are on the rise, making a host of unforgettable memories as they go. So skip the violet rinse, and instead bring on the adventure- there’s a whole world waiting out there for you! You’re never too old to travel solo, and while our concerns change over the years, your chance of adventure shouldn’t. You may be past the days where a hostel bunk bed did the trick…but there’s a ton of unexplored miles just waiting for you.

Solo female travellers, regardless of age, are always urged to take special precautions. Obviously, it’s wise to travel smartly and safely, especially if you are by yourself. Luckily, age brings with it the life experience that younger travellers are often lacking. Traditional advice hinges on choosing safe areas to travel in, and making sure you use reliable and vetted travel services. You can even join up with larger tours so you have company and the safety of numbers, while still having your privacy and alone time. If you’re not keen on spending your group time with younger ‘kids’ you won’t have much in common with, don’t hesitate to ask the tour company and make them aware of what you’re looking for. We at Go Touchdown Tours are always happy to help you pick reliable providers you can trust so you never have to miss out on an experience.

It helps to make sure you are fit and well, so you can stand up to the rigours

[and the fun] of the activities you want to experience. Make sure the accommodation you pick is friendly to the solo traveller, and suitable to your wants as well as your needs- whether you’re happy to throw on a backpack and rough it in the hostel scene, or whether you like a little added luxury. Most good hotels and accommodation establishments are happy to watch out for solo travellers and ensure their safety, so again don’t be afraid to ask.

Far from being a hinderance, travelling when older can enhance your experience greatly. You likely have more disposable income to splash out on what you want, and the kids will be grown and out the nest so you’re freer to explore and enjoy yourself without worrying about where to find the next pack of diapers on route. It’s the perfect time of life to invest in yourself and your experiences, and make memories that will last far past the actual experience. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get on the road!