Visit The Land Of Empty Skies and Warm People With Acacia Africa

Are you wondering where to travel next in Africa? Looking for an adventure-holiday destination that will leave you with a completely different perspective on our fascinating continent? Then it’s time to get packing – Botswana is your next destination with Acacia Africa.

Drawing prosperity from her mineral wealth and peaceful independence from her naturally upbeat and friendly people, Botswana is a true gem of a country. Beautiful empty skies and wide-open lands call to your soul, while the achingly dry climate can at times break your heart – but her strong rivers and remarkable delta always keep hope pounding in your veins. It’s one of Acacia Africa’s favourite destinations – and we’re certain it will be yours too!

Precious water calls to Botswana’s wildlife, so if you’re after one of the most perfect safari experiences around, then there’s two destinations you simply can’t miss.

Marvel At The Wealth Of Wildlife In Chobe National Park

The Chobe River winds a dazzling deep path through the wilds of the Chobe National Park, stealing your eye the second it comes into view. It’s been called ‘Africa’s most beautiful river’, a sparkling peacock-blue that draws wildlife in droves to drink from its waters. Chobe is one of the most accessible parks in Botswana, boasting a varied habitat of grassland, woodland and swamp. Large herds of Cape Buffalo and elephant roam the park alongside a wealth of baboon, hippo, crocodile, buck, giraffe, lions, leopard, jackal, the endangered African Wild Dog, and Brown Hyena.

No trip to Chobe National Park is complete without a river cruise, offering a magnificent chance for you to see the animals from a completely different view, as well as enjoy the exceptional diversity of water birds in the area – which includes the iconic African Fish Eagle.

Be Swept Away By The Beauty Of The Okavango Delta

Africa’s last Eden, the Okavango Delta is a haven for wetland animals, fanning its lifegiving waters across a swathe of the bone-dry Kalahari Desert. Flit from island to island in a traditional dugout mokoro, or canoe, with keen-eyed and knowledgeable ‘polers’ guiding you through the grass-fringed banks. One of the most incredible wildlife sanctuaries in the world, the Okavango Delta teems with animal and birdlife, from lion and wild dog to the tiniest birds. Game viewing in this corner of Africa is fantastic year-round, with the water a constant draw in the otherwise parched Botswana lands. With world class overnight camps and sights, you will see nowhere else, the marvels of the Okavango Delta will stay with you for a lifetime, making it one of the top places to travel in Africa.

Let Acacia Africa take you on a journey like no other through the iconic sights of Botswana, and return home with a renewed zest for life.