Wanderlust and Humankind’s inquisitive heart

Wanderlust and Humankind’s inquisitive heart

Since the very moment humankind first began to use tools and explore the world around them, there have been those blessed

[and cursed] by the urge to know more and travel further. What lies beyond that hill, river or gorge? Where is my next adventure? Wanderlust led us out of our African homelands and took people who had only their legs and their inquisitive minds as tools through Asia, Europe and even to the Americas. It’s driven discovery, and caused chaos- but modern man still feels the tug to travel, discover and understand.

The word itself has pretty humble origins. Stemming from the German for ‘a desire to hike’, it represents that ever-present itch some feel to explore and experience more than the bounds of their comfortable home niche. While it’s been a feature of humankind’s very existence for millennia, the word itself was first captured on paper in 1902. Some schools of thought have frowned on this ever-present curiosity, seeing it as bucking against traditional values, while others actively encourage the drive and determination to drink in all the world has to offer. Regardless, it’s come to represent those who would trade material luxury and security for experience, and a life with secure roots for one spent roaming the globe and drinking in all the experiences life can offer.

Do you long to travel? Does your imagination plague you with images of mountains, seas and beaches when it should be concentrating on the screen in front of you? You may just be one of those affected by wanderlust. Fortunately, in the wonderful modern era where flights lay just a few clicks away and mankind has learnt to welcome their neighbours instead of chase them away from fear, it’s become considerably easier [and safer] to indulge the urge to see what lies over the next mountain or ocean.

We at Pembury Tours are here to help you explore the very best that Africa offers, in comfort and safety. Why not bring your roaming spirit to us, and let us help you craft memories and experiences that will touch your lives long after you return home to the familiar, ready to plan your next adventure?