Watch the lowveld awaken, and bask in its beauty

Go Touch Down Travel and Tours loves the Lowveld areas of South Africa. The intrinsic beauty of these delicate ecological areas are, perhaps, some of the most under-appreciated throughout the entirety of Southern Africa. Where else can you see different biomes literally flow into each other before your eyes, step down off an escarpment into a totally different world, or experience dry savannah and turn a corner to see a glittering waterfall plunging before you? If you were planning on visiting the lowveld as part of your travels this year, there’s no better time than spring.

Watch the landscape awaken

The lowveld areas of South Africa winter is a little differently from many places. Where true savanna can be dead and dry in the parched depths of winter, the lowveld maintains a little colour in the form of riotous bright native aloes. However, it undoubtedly gets a little dry and dusty towards the end. Spring brings the first soft rains to this area, however, and with it washes away the dust of a long dry season. You’ll see landscapes refresh themselves before your eyes, buds and then flowers seeming to pop up overnight. Little sugarbirds will investigate the nectar of the new flowers, bringing a soft buzz to the grasses around you, and small creatures will take their first blinking steps out of hibernation. In fact, spring is by far the best season for birders to visit this area, as our winged friends begin to preen, put out mating plumage and display themselves to catch the eye of a mate.

Perfect weather for travel

The same pattern will begin to play out among the larger animals in the wildlife reserves. Increased water at the water holes and the growth of new vegetation will mean that they can start fattening up after the harsh winter. Coats and pelts look slicker and brighter, and mating displays may lead to some spectacular photo opportunities. The weather is still cool, but with warmer daytime temperatures perfect to give you a true ‘touch of Africa’ without baking you.

Spring in the Panorama Route area, and the entire lowveld, is absolutely gorgeous for travelling. Skies stay mostly clear of the heavy summer rain clouds, while the air is fresh and invigorated by the promise of new life. If you’re planning to make a stop through this beautiful area part of your itinerary with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours, be sure to consider scheduling your stay for spring, and enjoy the unique perfection of this season for yourself.