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Weekend Escape Car Hire

Everyone knows that when it comes to travelling on a weekend escape, it’s always better to rent a car instead of driving your own. For those who didn’t know this, by renting a vehicle, you keep your own vehicle safer from long distance wear and tear hassles and high mileage that may occur on your trip.

Hertz Rent A Car

Renting a car is not as daunting a concept as many may think, and can be a fairly simple process — at least at first. Go online to a rental car website, fill out your information, and click “Book Now.” Right? Wrong!

We do advise that you do a little research before the time instead of jumping in head first when it comes to sourcing your ideal rental car.


Without doing your homework, you may find that you inadvertently signed up for a bunch of options and extras that you do not need, but in your haste, you simply signed all of the documentation provided you at the first rental agency you found. When you get your final bill, there can be fees and penalties tacked on that you didn’t see coming in your haste to make sure that you signed everything they told you to sign.

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Let us at Hertz Rent A Car help you make it life a little simpler so you get your weekend escape off to a good start!

Established in the USA in 1918 and operating in 145 countries worldwide, Hertz is the only car rental brand to have a presence on six continents, and has earned its global credentials. Hertz has been driving the business and leisure markets in South Africa since 1950 and it continues to be a respected and instantly recognisable brand in the South African market.

Hertz Rent A Car

You will always find a range of specials on the Hertz Rent A Car website, ensuring that your car hire doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. With branches in and around South Africa, you never have to worry about rushing back to your initial rental branch to drop off the car once you are done, you can see where the road takes you!

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your perfect rental vehicle. With a range of vehicles from all different classes, you will be assured that the vehicle to suit all of your needs is right there at the click of a button.

Saving you even more, Hertz has a range of specials running monthly, so be sure to check them out while you peruse the website.

Hertz Rent A Car

Contact Hertz Rent A Car today, and find out just how simple it is to rent a reliable vehicle.

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