Wellness in the Wilderness

Find Wellness in the Wilderness

As life, jobs and even communication becomes more technological, more exhausting and more hectic than ever, it’s hardly surprising that there’s been an upswing in global ‘wellness’ or ‘mindfulness’ tours.

There’s one unifying thread to mindfulness tourism- the goal isn’t sightseeing or adventure, but rather disconnecting from our hectic daily lives and unwinding, nourishing mind, body and soul and refreshing your outlook on life. They often offer a host of enrichment activities and skills such as meditation and yoga that can be taken back to the rat race to help you better adapt to the rigors of everyday life. Mindfulness tourism wants you to return home grounded, with a true sense of the mind-body-soul connection and how to better navigate the daily demands on your time and spirit.

For the traveler in search of an authentic wellness experience, there can be no destination more appropriate than Southern Africa. From the beauty of the surroundings to the diverse blend of people who live there, opportunity to reconnect with yourself lies around every corner. Imagine a yoga retreat amid sparkling water and wild bird call, or stargazing far off the beaten track where no electric light pollutes the vista before you. Or simply feeling the peace and serenity of nature at her wildest as the savannahs unroll before you, or you watch tropical fish dart away from you in the water.

From holistic resorts dedicated to the mind-body connection and offering specific wellness programs, through world-class spas and green eco-resorts tailored to minimise the impact of tourism on the environment around them, right through to the simple wealth of unique experiences waiting to be unlocked, Southern Africa lies waiting for you to explore her and rediscover yourself.

Authentic Mama Africa lies waiting for you- are you ready to hear her call?