What makes South Africa so diverse and compelling?

They’ve called it the rainbow nation because of her diversity of people. She’s best known to the media of the world as either the ultimate safari destination or the stark political contrast, an African nation that managed a democratic handover from colonial powers. Almost everyone who comes here falls in love with the exceptional animals and the gorgeous, ever-changing scenery. Why is South Africa such a diverse country? Live the Journey takes a closer look.

A land of staggering contrasts

Whenever you turn in South Africa there’s a new view to behold. Stand on the stony beaches of Cape Point and watch the cold sea boil around you as fishing trawlers work in the distance, or bask in the sun on a hot KwaZulu-Natal beach. Walk the seemingly empty desert of the Kgalagadi guided by one of her native people, then snap a photo of the lush beachwood mangroves in the forests of Tsitsikamma. Meet penguins on her beaches, and see lions feast on their kills in the National Parks.

Nowhere else in the world can you experience such a diversity of animals, scenery and cultures as you can in South Africa. It’s even home of a unique biome found nowhere else in the world- the delicately beautiful Cape Fynbos. You can swelter in the heat of an authentic safari, then go snowboarding in the mountains. You can experience ultra-luxe hotels and restaurants then walk iconic Vilakazi street and admire the Township art. Party all night in some of the most modern nightclubs in the world, then sit down to a traditional meal in a cultural village or a cool pint in a shebeen. It doesn’t matter…there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.

Multiple biomes, engaging cultures

The answer to this overwhelming diversity can be found quite easily if you take a glance at a map. While certainly not the biggest country in the world, South Africa straddles some exceptional climatic zones. Two seas meet at her tip in the dangerous waters once feared by sailors. Her reach stretches from the cold bottom of the world, but burning Africa extends above. Rolling mountains, flat plains, plunging escarpments and meandering river deltas all have their very own climactic flavour to bring to the table. Nine remarkable provinces each have their own unique identities. Throw in a heady mix of cultures stemming from all over the world and Africa, and you have the ultimate recipe for spellbinding diversity.

Whether it’s adrenaline-pumping adventure, relaxation on a beach, following in the tracks of ancient hominids or playing in the dazzling modern clubs, South Africa feels like coming home. Why not let Live the Journey help you explore this remarkable land for yourself?