Zuurberg and The Addo Elephant Park make a dynamic duo

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Zuurberg and The Addo Elephant Park make a dynamic duo

Zuurberg Mountain Village boasts an unbelievable patch of real estate elevated aloft the majestic Addo Elephant Park. It is therefor little wonder that these two destinations have become inextricably linked and renowned for their formidable, reciprocal partnership. There is no doubt that Zuurberg and the Addo Elephant Park make a dynamic duo.Zuurberg Even When You Get The Shakes

The park situated near Port Elizabeth is rated one of the best places in Africa to see elephants up close. It’s also South Africa’s third largest reserve with an enormous diversity of species and vegetation. From just 2 500ha in size at proclamation, the park now measures 180 000ha in size stretching from Darlington dam in the Karoo section in the north, across the Zuurberg mountains south to the coast where it includes the St Croix and Bird Island groups.

The Zuurberg Mountain Village represents a sanctuary of serenity set high up on the Zuurberg Mountains. It is a tranquil & truly unique mountain top retreat set in 160 hectares of indigenous vegetation with breathtaking views overlooking the Addo Elephant National Park. While the Addo was proclaimed in 1931to protect the 16 elephants that remained in the area, Zuurberg Mountain Village’s stately hotel pips its famous neighbor in age by 50-odd years. Famous for rustic comfort, traditional country cuisine, friendly staff & countless outdoor activities enhancing your experience, this mountain retreat claims a special place in the hearts of patrons past and present.

Addo Elephant ParkThe park is also home to buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino as well a majestically magnificent marine component. Great white sharks and southern right whales frequent the waters off the captivating coastline, making it one of the few reserves in the world that enjoys the celebrated status of hosting the “Big Seven”.

Not to be outdone Addo’s breathtaking bush environment, The Mountain Village excels at offering intimately inclusive value-added elements. Visitors can enjoy several jaw-dropping features like the Cycad, the hotel’s main dining area. Enhanced by several period-specific attributes – the counter hand-crafted by the 1820 Settlers – for one as well as fireplaces & French doors leading to the tranquil pool where alfresco dining is enjoyed on many a balmy summer nights.

The Chef strikes the balance between comfort dining and gourmet cuisine brilliantly in our legendary classic 5-course carvery. If one would be so inclined, the tagline gourmet comfort might very well be coined during or after this traditional Sunday feast.

So in closing, we believe that you have all the ingredients pertaining to this marvelous destination of choice, bar one – YOU (and your family/partner). Feel free to contact us as soon as it is convenient to do so. Your next holiday deserves to be with us. See you soon!